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Closure Updates

VA⅃LORA  will be closed for 30 days. On March 23rd, the Governor of Virginia called for a 30-day mandatory closure for all salons, barbers, and spas in an effort to help curb the Corona Virus crisis. Not being able to lash and serve you all has brought sadness to our team. That being said we hope to be able to finally open on April 24th, 2020

Here's what you can expect from us during this closure. 

We want to be able to serve you as best as we possibly can. If we could do your lashes online, trust me, we would! 

During this time our team is working hard on accommodating all of your appointments, we also know everyone will be needing a full set instead of the maintenance fill so we will be doing free upgrades for 60 days after reopening. That means when you come in for a full set, you will be paying the price of a fill. We also want to thank you for your endless patience as the time frame can change any day due to the virus. 

All of our team is using this downtime to grow in all areas of the business by doing many online courses. Our lash artists have even taken lash practice kits home to learn and grow during this time. Our mission is always to serve you all the best we possibly can.

We have also hired a new lash artist that will be training day and night because she lives with me. Many of you have seen my sister, Vanessa, helping out at the front desk and you will now see her doing lashes. We are so excited to have her on as a lash artist now. 

How you can help us!

First, we want to say a huge thank you to all of the amazing clients that have been wishing us and asking us 'How can I help?" You simply caring means the world to us. 

The truth of the matter is that in this unknown world, the best way to help is for all of us to do our part by staying home. Staying home will help to flatten the curve and we must do this as a country.


You can also help us by writing reviews on our yelp page or google, sharing us on social media with your friends, or simply waiting on us for your next lash appointment.  Doing so is an optimistic acknowledgment that we will get through this, and get back to doing all the things that make us happy.