Identifying your ideal client

Understanding exactly who your ideal client is and how you can best serve them is foundational to growing a healthy, engaging and profitable business. 

Below are some key questions we must ask ourselves as we bring our ideal client avatar to life. 

How old is she?

Having a specific age group is important because you will not advertise to a 19-year-old the same way you would advertise to a 40-year-old.

In detail, how does she look like?

Knowing what she looks like will give you insight on where to find her. For example the gym, and fancy hairdresser nearby, or an art convention coming up next month. 

Where does she work?

Not only will we know if she is financially stable (aka makes shmoney)  but also if her work allows for an early morning appointment or later in the day appointment to make your schedule accordingly.

Is she married and has kids? 

Again not only because of the finances but you want to know what her priorities are in life!

What is her pain point?

This is probably the most important question, what is her need? Does she have such a busy life she needs something to make her mornings easier or does she value her looks that she wants to make sure her lashes always look top-notch?

How will your service help her?

Does she need a break from the world and your salon provides peace and quiet? Do you have enough staff to meet her flexible schedule? All of these things are what we should think about when thinking about to meet her needs.