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    WHAT CAN I EXPECT DURING AN APPOINTMENT? As you walk through our doors, you will see our excellent guest care provider to the left. She will ask you to wash and prep your lashes. We will discuss the look you desire during your first full set appointment before we begin the application. When we design lashes, we customize each set by considering eye shape, the direction in which your lashes grow, facial structure, and lifestyle. Your lash artist will walk you to our treatment room designed for your comfort. A memory foam topper, lash pillow, and knee bolster are all a part of your appointment. A blanket is also available you’re your comfort. Soft music will play in the background as snoozing music, or you can pop in your headphones and listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook. The times depend on the lash set you choose. It is quite a meticulous process since we are working with your delicate eye area. Most clients fall asleep, and we refer to your appointment as your “lash nap.” We will always ask that you remove all makeup before the appointment. Next, we will tape the bottom lashes using surgical tape to place a barrier between them and the top lashes. With your eyes closed, we will begin applying your lash extensions. You mustn't open your eyes at any time. The fumes from the adhesive can sting your eyes similarly to when we chop an onion, and your eyes immediately tear up. Opening your eyes can slow us down, so do your best to keep them closed. Just like an onion, fumes don’t cause any damage to your vision, and neither do the fumes from the adhesive. Once we’ve finished, we will immediately rinse your eyes with a sensitive saline solution, which is the most comfortable for our eyes. The saline helps the adhesive cure, removes the solvent, and rinses any makeup or dead skin cell debris that may have gotten into your eyes during the process. Once you open it, you will see your beautiful lashes for the first time! Now is a great time to tell us if you feel discomfort and address any design concerns you see. DO LASH EXTENSIONS DAMAGE MY NATURAL LASHES? No, each extension is only applied to 1 natural lash so that each natural lash can grow and shed as needed. With proper technique and client aftercare, your lashes will be just fine. When adding an extension, we isolate each individual natural lash to ensure proper separation. If lashes are correctly separated, your natural hairs will continue to grow and shed as they would naturally. Natural lashes can stick together if they aren’t appropriately separated, disrupting the growth cycle. Using too much adhesive can also cause lashes to stick together. You can be confident that we use enough adhesive to maintain the health of your lashes and help them last longer. Lash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist is not using these proper techniques. In addition, lash artists should never compromise the health & integrity of your natural lashes. ​ CAN I WEAR MAKEUP WITH EYELASH EXTENSIONS? Girl, you just got your lashes done; you don’t need mascara! However, we completely understand if you want to add extra glam for a special occasion. Eyeshadow is not a problem but be aware of cream products - including eyeliners and overly creamy, mousse-like mascaras as they are typically harder to remove. It is also imperative to avoid waterproof eye makeup of any kind, as it is tough to remove, will cause too much force when removed, can hurt our lashes, and cause extensions to shed prematurely. We have seen the best results in clients who do not use mascara. WILL MY NATURAL LASHES FALL OUT MORE FREQUENTLY WITH LASH EXTENSIONS? No. Since WE properly isolate and separate your lashes, and we choose the most appropriate extension, your lashes will shed as they usually do. Our natural lashes are constantly growing and shedding. We shed about 3-5 lashes per eye a day! You have probably noticed a natural lash on your cheek at one point and even made a wish with it. With extensions, it’s a lot more noticeable because, suddenly, they’re darker, thicker, and longer. But don’t you worry - we WANT your lashes to be shedding like normal because this tells us they’re in good health! HOW MANY EXTENSIONS DO YOU PUT ON? We put about 120-150 lashes per eye - or as many natural lashes as you have. But, of course, the number of lashes we place also depends on how long you booked your service. HOW LONG DO EXTENSIONS LAST? 2-3 weeks before needing a fill because your lash growth cycle may be faster or slower. We won’t know this until after a few times seeing each other before needing a fill. With that said, it also greatly depends on the aftercare of your lashes (what you do at home) and the natural shedding cycle of your lashes. Our eyelashes grow in stages - a complete growth cycle is typically 6-8 weeks. As we age, this process tends to take longer. Another critical factor in longer-lasting lashes is whether you decide to wear much makeup. Your natural lashes can become damaged if you wear thick, heavy makeup with your extensions. This is because this kind of makeup application makes it very difficult to remove at the end of the day, as it can cause your lashes to clump together, which puts stress on the roots of your lashes and can prematurely pull them out. The sheer force of rubbing off your makeup also stresses your lashes. It is also tricky for the lash artist to remove, which means residual makeup can be left on your lashes, and we may not get the kind of bond necessary to ensure the retention we are known for. Keeping your lash extensions clean and free of debris buildup is imperative. Cleansing your lashes once per day - or more at our discretion - will significantly improve your retention. WHAT HAPPENS DURING A FILL? Everything that happened during the initial full set happens at your fill, but now we are removing grown-out extensions and replacing them with new ones. During each fill, we typically remove all the wonky grown-out lashes and replace them with fresh new lashes. WHAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE I COME IN FOR MY LASHES? Please remove all the makeup around your eyes before you come in. If you don’t have the time, you can wash them in our studio, but please note to arrive a couple of minutes earlier than your appointment time so that it doesn’t run into your lash time. CAN I GET MY LASH EXTENSIONS WET? YES! We rinse your eyes at the end of every appointment. So feel free to sweat, swim, shower, or get a facial; not only can you get your lashes wet, but you should also wash them at least once daily to remove debris, sweat, and dead skin cells that have built up throughout the day. Cleansing your lashes keeps them more robust, healthier, and lasting longer. NOTE: rinsing is NOT cleansing. WILL WASHING MY LASHES CAUSE MY EXTENSIONS TO FALL OUT FASTER? No. This is a myth, and the opposite is true. The cleaner your lashes are, the longer they last! WHAT KIND OF LASHES DO YOU USE? We use lash extensions made of 100% polyester fiber that is made to mimic the look and feel of silk or mink. WHAT KIND OF ADHESIVE DO YOU USE? The type of adhesive used for lash extension application is called cyanoacrylate. It is medical-grade, formaldehyde-free, and made specifically for lash extensions. HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM ALLERGIC TO THE ADHESIVE? 3%-5% of the population is allergic to cyanoacrylates. It is not an infection. It is technically called contact dermatitis, which just says that the skin is allergic to the adhesive. It typically presents after 3-4 exposures (3-4 exposures in general after the initial application) to the adhesive. For those who are allergic, the morning after their appointment, the lids of the eyes will be puffy - more swollen than after a night of crying. However, the actual eyeballs will be normal - they won’t produce any redness or discharge. CAN I GET A LASIK SURGERY WITH LASHES? Yes, you can get your lashes done after two weeks, at minimum, have passed since your surgery. Suppose you are considering surgery while you already have extensions. In that case, it isn’t necessary to remove them before your surgery, although it is suggested since the eyes are propped open, and you run the risk of some possibly being yanked out during the procedure. During the Lasik healing process, it is important to avoid rubbing your eyes or doing anything that might lead to infection in the wound or dislodging the corneal flap. Since we touch your eyelid, it would be irresponsible to conduct a fill until your eyes have completely healed.
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