July 2017 VA⅃LORA  open its doors in Woodbridge Virginia. 

My name is Valeria Lora, and as I write our story I hate using words like me and I. Our company was built by a  loving community of people that surround me daily. My husband, family, and friends have been extremely supportive of my crazy dreams since day one. I am proud to say I come from two hard-working, business owning, immigrants parents who have modeled to me that anything is possible when we take a leap of faith and do hard work.


Our amazing team of girls is the lifeline of our business! Their passion and motivation keep this company going every day. 


When we first opened our doors I was solo for 6 months before hiring our first two employees. Sofia was one of them, not having any idea of business at that time I tried my best to get her book full. For a couple of months, Sofia didn't have many clients so I reached out to a local lash salon to ask them to hire her, but Sofia said no I will stay here because I know one day we will get busy and grow. Sofia has been with us now for over two years, is fully booked and even has co-workers that share the same success. This is just one of the many stories our team has shown support and love for our company. 

As I write this, I get tears in my eyes thinking back of how far we have come and I am filled with gratitude to all of our clients who trust us with their lashes and keep coming back.