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Our eyelash extension services are natural but noticeable. It makes your daily routine easier and enhances your natural beauty. This service is done by adding a synthetic eyelash extension on top of one of your natural lashes, giving them a fuller and more extended look. We are passionate about enhancing your natural beauty by specifically crafting a lash look that is unique to your face and personality. Every client's set is customized and tailored to suit their features perfectly, without overpowering.

A full set is done when you don't have any lash extensions on or if you want to make sure your lash fill is super full. 

Three weeks after the previous full set or touch-up appointment, a touch-up is recommended. 

A mini touch-up is a quick appointment that should be done only in emergencies like a photo shoot or event and within two weeks from the previous appointment. 


Classic Lashes

We do a classic set by placing one lash extension on top of one of your natural lashes (1:1). With this technique, we can take your lashes as full as, as many lashes you have. For example, if you have 98 lashes on each eye, we will place 98 single lash extensions on each eye.  

Full Set $140 -Two hours

Touch Up $105 -An hour and a half

Mini fill $70-One Hour



Hybrid Lashes

A hybrid set is done by using a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes, giving your set a textured wispy look.

Full Set $175-Two hours and a half hours

Touch Up $125 -One hour 45 minutes

Mini fill $70 -One Hour



Volume Lashes

A Volume set is done using very fine lashes to create a fan of 3 or more lashes and placing it on top of 1 of your natural lashes, giving your lashes a much fuller dark look.

Full set $210-Three hours

Touch up $140 -Two hours

Mini $75 -One hour


 Wash lashes daily with Chrissanthie eyelid cleanser or an OIL-FREE face wash. Start by wetting your lashes with warm water, apply one pump of cleaner to the pads of your fingers and gently rub your eyelashes. Next, rinse your eyes, pat dry, or use a Vallora handheld fan to dry lashes.

Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes. If your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, use a Vallora lash wand to brush them GENTLY.

Washing and drying lashes after every workout are essential. Salt causes the lashes to fall off prematurely; our sweat naturally produces salt, which can get trapped between our lashes.

Another thing that causes premature fallout is oil! Use care when applying facial and eye cream to avoid the lash line; too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive.

Do not use eyelash curler‘s with your extensions. Avoid sleeping on the lashes. Bending or folding the lashes causes the bond to become brittle, making the lashes fall out prematurely.

Direct or extreme heat, like the sauna, can damage lashes and cause the extensions to lose their curl. Do not direct your blow dryer over your lashes. Also, do not get lashes close to the oven immediately after opening the door. 

Because of our natural lash growth cycle, Vallora recommends touch-up appointments every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your lashes full and fabulous.

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